A virgin and a kinky one at that. I am a scientist so if you want to get down and nerdy with me please do. Please feel free to enjoy and to ask me anytihing. I don't bite unless you want me to. +18 older please.

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Down under

Guys help me out!!! Getting my first wax done next week. I usually just shave. What style? Just a triangle, landing strip or all out? FOR REAL THOUGH.

Today’s hike.

I lost 40lbs from working 70 hour weeks…. BUT MY BRA SIZE WENT TO 32 D. I was a 36 C. Fml.

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Wow. That took guts.
At first I was like okay why are we throwing away a ladder and then my heart melted.
True story.

Anonymous asked: Your ass looks great in all of them. Do you still have kik?

Yes virginlovekik

Anonymous asked: hipster or tanga

I prefer tanga cuz I have a cute pink one but hipsters make my ass look better lol

Clockwise; thong, hipster, tanga & silk briefs

Which one?

Send me a kink and I’ll rate it:


turn off/ not my thing/ haven’t thought of it before/ cool/ hot damn/ TURN OOOOOOON/ TAKE ME NOW

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Ok I may or may not have a bit of a problem… but come on, its not really such a bad one